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Fermented Functional Food

Boost your gut with friendly bacteria and deter bad ones

Signature Kombucha 

Fermented Detox Tea

Historically consumed as a health elixir and liver tonic, TGF Kombucha is fermented in-house for more than 25 days, using a protocol backed up by scientific papers to ensure the yield of high quality kombucha that is rich in organic acids. The freshness of our kombucha can be identified from the strength of sourness and slight tinge of fizziness. Batch Lab tested for safety and efficacy, your health is our priority.

Milk Kefir

Fermented Probiotic Milk 

Originating from Russia, this fermented milk culture has been scientifically shown to contain up to 10 times the biodiversity of microbiome as compared to yogurt. TGF Milk Kefir is fermented naturally using healthy and active kefir grains. Our bottled Milk Kefir are made to order and potentially contain up to 20 billion cfu per serving. Batch Lab tested for safety and efficacy, your health is our priority.

Frokee (Frozen Milk Kefir)

Fermented Probiotic Frozen Treat

A truly guilt-free cold treat: No Sugar / artificial sweetener added, a rare gem in the world of ice-cream. Not only is our Frokee naturally rich in living probiotics, it is also flavoured using all natural ingredients and sweetened solely using healthier options like raw honey, dates and coconut nectar. Pamper yourself with frokee and make both you and your gut happy :)

Fresh Kimchi

Fermented Prebiotic Cabbage

Commonly found as side dishes & soup bases in korean cuisine, this appetising vegetable turn out to be an impressive functional food that supports skin, immune, gastrointestinal & heart health. TGF Kimchi made from scratch, including washing the vegetables to cooking our own vegetable broth. It is unique because we prime the fermentation with our unique culture starter and exclude unnecessary ingredients like MSG and fish/shrimp sauce that is commonly found in commercially sold kimchi. Fermented and harvested fresh in Singapore to reap the full probiotic potential!

Sourdough Bread

Naturally Fermented Bread

Commonly identified by its distinct tinge of sourness, sourdough bread is created by fermenting dough using naturally occurring Lactobacillus and yeast. The dough takes longer to rise and the resultant bread tends to be easier to digest and contains higher levels of vitamin Bs and minerals, as compared to regular bread made using baker's yeast. Our Sourdough bread has been slow fermented for 2 days and steam baked to softness. Our very first bun is made with organic ingredients like stoneground wholemeal flour, high oleic sunflower oil, chia seeds, etc.

Functional Wholefood

Heal your gut lining with nutrition from wholefood to Sustain good gut health and overall well-being

Homemade Granola

Real food cereal for breakfast

Our granola is made with only wholefood grains, seeds, nuts, fruits, herbs and lightly sweetened with honey. No added preservatives, or sugar. Oven toasted to perfection, the aroma and crunchiness will satisfy your breakfast hunger pangs, while sustaining you with macro-nutrients, energy and minerals till lunch time. Opt for this with our Milk Kefir / Oat Milk for a healthier tea-time or supper snack if you need one!

Wholefood spread

Smooth and delicious bread companion

TGF bread spreads not only taste good but also boost the nutritional profile of your breakfast. Many healthy spreads are dry and hard to swallow, but not ours! We pair up a few wholesome ingredients in the right ratio to create a smooth and tasty spread. They are rich in healthy fats, proteins, minerals and contains no added sugar, preservatives or hydrogenated fats. 

Milk Alternatives

Healthy dairy-free milk options

Suitable for people suffering from lactose or dairy intolerance / allergy. Our milk alternatives are hand-crafted using all natural ingredients. These nutritious milk not only taste good but also contain heart healthy fiber beta-glucan, mono and poly-unsaturated fats, vitamins and minerals. Only mildly sweetened with dates / raw honey, there is no sugar or artificial sweetener used. 

Activated Nuts

Soaked nut for a better gut

Been gorging a handful of raw nuts everyday? Beware! All raw nuts contains certain levels of anti-nutrients that binds to and prevent absorption of minerals into our body. Some even contains high levels of pesticides.  Our activated nuts are soaked in water for up to 12 hours to initiate germination to break down these harmful components. We then dehydrate them below 120°C to re-create the crunchiness and minimise the nutrient loss. 

Bone Broth

Collagen Rich Soup

Many are not aware of the healing properties of broths made from commonly discarded bones, cartilages and skin of animals / fishes. When boiled for hours in water, beneficial collagen peptides, minerals and amino acids are extracted out. These nutrients are useful for the healing the gut linings and improving joint and skin health. Bone broth is an underrated food for the gut! Consume frequently and consistently for best results.

Hydroponics Leafy Vegetables

Freshly Harvested & Pesticide-free Produce

The Gut’s Feeling believes that fresh wholefood is the key to good health. We harvest the nutrient-rich leafy vegetables from our in-house vertical hydroponics farm only upon your order. Packed as unwashed whole leaf produce, we allow the produce to stay fresh for a longer duration in your fridge. Reap the benefits from high quality produce at the peak of their nutritional state and watch your body heal from within!

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