Our Food

Enjoy delicious and healthy food in all shapes and sizes! Achieve any diet goals with our wide and flexible food options


Wholesome meals catered to different diets with different macro needs

TGF Protein Grain Bowl

High fiber rice bowl with assorted vegetables and protein sources

A combination of brown and red rice offers both fiber and anthocyanin in your diet. We add some fragrance and crunch using extra virgin coconut oil and coconut flakes. Rich in Medium Chain Trigyceride (MCT), coconut has been shown to support brain, immunity and weight management. Paired with our in-house special Silverfish Sambal (free of shrimps) for a delightful taste profile. 3 types of vegetables and 2 sources of protein create a balanced intake of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Oven Grilled Protein Set

High quality Meat & assorted vegetables

Western food with a truly healthy theme; herb and spices marinated meat, oven grilled to tender and served with 3 servings of vegetables. Our purple sweet potato mash is made from scratch with very light seasoning to retain its natural flavour. Customised sides can make this set suitable for people on a keto diet. Varied sauces, suited to different taste buds, are available to complement the juicy meat. 

Protein Salad

Freshly Harvested Leafy produce, assorted vegetables and protein

Every Salad offers premium leafy vegetables harvested daily from our in-house hydroponics farm; Lacinto kale, Swiss Chard, Sorrel, Mustard Leaves, lettuces. Complementary cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and grilled onions are added as garnishing and you get to customise 4 other toppings or simply go with the recommended ones. The generous portion of vegetables guarantees a meal full of fiber and antioxidants. A few freshly grilled protein sources and several dressing options allow you to enjoy different salads everyday!

Sourdough Kimchi Burger Set

Organic Wholemeal Sourdough bun, 

tender grilled protein and vegetables

Organic wholemeal sourdough steam baked to softness offers a healthy-eating experience for burgers without compromising on taste. Complemented with light spiciness & tartness from our in-house Kimchi for an additional probiotic & prebiotic boost. A slab of grilled protein , marinated with olive oil & spices, and a serving of vegetable on the side to complete the wholesome meal. 

Prebiotic Soup Set

Rich Vegetable Soup, Organic Wholemeal Sourdough bun and Mini Salad

Five different soup of different colours naturally created by a combination of vegetables with different antioxidants. Our soup only comprises of vegetables, onions and garlic to feed the good bacteria in your gut. We do not use any cream, milk or starch for thickening. Dip our signature sourdough bun into the soup and enjoy some cold salad with passionfruit mango dressing at the side. A low calorie but surprising filling meal due to the high fiber content!

Functional Drinks

Complement your meal with nutritious beverages. 

Rich in organic acids, minerals, probiotics and fiber.

Kombucha_immune_boost (2).jpg
Kombucha Tea Blend

Strong dose of kombucha

Our Kombucha is fermented in our very own fermenter room using a protocol backed up by science to optimise the organic acid levels. Acetic acid, which gives it the vinegarish taste, similar to apple cider vinegar, exhibits some anti-microbial effects. Glucuronic Acid has been shown to play a role in liver detoxification. The tartness and slight fizz makes it a refreshing and appetising drink for better digestion after a meal. 

Kombucha Fruit Tea

Fruity Tea with a tinge of sourness

Our Kombucha Fruit Tea is for those with a sweet tooth but yet want to get some benefits from kombucha. We only use whole fruits, brewed tea and mix in a shot of kombucha for the drink to retain most of the light fruity taste profile. 

Kombucha Honey Milk Tea

Milk Tea with a twist

Our Milk Tea is not only healthy but also suitable for people with dairy / lactose intolerance. Enjoy the aroma of tea complemented with the smooth texture of our in-house oat milk. We only sweeten with raw honey and mix in a shot of kombucha for some digestive boost.

Fermented Fruit Smoothie

Blended fruits with a kick

Get your daily dose of fruits in a cup with some additional enzymes in there for better digestion! A predominantly fruity drink that has been lightly fermented for additional health benefits. The slight tartness gives some zest to the otherwise unassuming fruit smoothie.

KS_Choco-Banana (2).jpg
Milk Kefir Smoothie

Probiotic rich and smooth satisfaction

Enjoy some creamy and rich milk kefir smoothie that can potentially populate your gut with billions of probiotics! Naturally fermented in-house for about 22 hours, our milk kefir is then freshly harvested and blended with all natural ingredients to create a delicious dessert drink that is truly healthy. All flavours have a tinge of sourness similar to that of a yogurt drink. 

Vegetable Smoothie

Blended fruits & vegetables with low GI and chock-full of antioxidant and fiber

One full serving of leafy vegetables and fruits in a single cup! Using different families of fresh leafy vegetables, you can then rotate among them and reap maximal health benefits. Leafy vegetables are rich in various vitamins, flavonoids, minerals, fiber. Explore the true detoxifying and healing properties of raw vegetables when you break down their cell walls and complement them with natural fruit sweetness.

Functional Desserts

Truly Indulgent-free, probiotic desserts that are naturally sweetened with raw honey or fruits

Frokee Series

Frozen Milk Kefir with all natural flavours

A truly indulgent-free dessert where raw honey is used in place of sugar. Beat the heat with this probiotic goodness and pamper your taste bud and gut at the same time!

Kefir Parfait Series

"Greek-style" Milk Kefir with superfood

Looking for a heavier snack and lighter meal? Our 'greek style' Milk kefir is denser than the original form and is paired with a combination of different superfood. The end result is a parfait with a good dose of macros, antioxidants and probiotics within a cup.