TGF Story

Here at TGF, we believe Healthy food doesn't have to be boring!

The Guts Feeling was founded by a team of like-minded food advocates; a group of friends who have always liked to eat, drink, and create amazing food together. We were spurred into action by a society surrounded by stress, processed food and misuse of antibiotics. Combining our knowledge in Bio-sciences, Business and Culinary, the team started The Gut's Feeling, a place where people in Singapore can meet to enjoy our wholesome dishes, suited to different diets for better gut health.

Our Mission

The Guts Feeling aims to advocate conscientious eating by raising awareness towards functional food and beverages for the gut. We strive to make wholefood the mainstream in an affluent society and reverse the impact of commercialism on general public's health. 

Our Concept

Singapore based Farm & Fermenter to Table Lifestyle Cafe concept

We harvest leafy vegetables daily from our In-house Vertical Hydroponics Farm and use them for our salads and green smoothies. We brew, ferment and create our own detox tea / probiotic desserts from scratch inside our very own fermenter room. Customisable and standard healthy meals in all shapes and sizes are served from our kitchen. Specialty groceries that we carefully hand-craft are prepacked and offered to those who wish to enjoy healthy food at the convenience of their home. 

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